Song review : Comanche Moon’s “Middle Of You”

In August of 2018, the band Comanche Moon, from Amarillo, Texas, released a brilliant concept album “Country Music Deathstar”. Recorded at Yellow Dog Studios, engineered by Dave Percefull and Adam Odor and produced by Tim Allen, this LP is absolutely awesome and its singles, “The One That You Love“, “Oilfield Blues” and “Goin’ To The Country” were well received on the Texas radios. You can also listen to songs such as the excellent “Cut Me Loose” and the fantastic “Colorado Bound“, and you have an idea of the quality and the authenticity of the music made by this band.

Three years later, Mark Erikson and Chandler Sidwell, the two members of Comanche Moon, who come from a long line of Texas cattle ranchers and wildcatters, are back . They just released, on July 16th, a brand new single, named “Middle Of You“, that will be part of their upcoming full length album.

This song is about the start of a new relationship and all the flood of emotions that you feel at the beginning, excitement and also trepidation. Cowritten by Mark Erikson, Chandler Sidwell and Tim Allen (the ex lead guitarist of Shane Smith and the Saints), it’s an upbeat song, particularly catchy and excellently written.

Comanche Moon is a band that you need to listen if you love Texas country and great storytelling. Their songs are a perfect illustration of the authenticity and the quality of the music from the Texas Panhandle. And “Middle Of You“, that you will probably have on repeat, is the evidence of their talent and their ability to blend the great tradition of Texas country and the energy of rock and roll. With such a great lead single, we are now impatient to listen to the upcoming LP. Get on their train, y’all!

Nicolas Davelu

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