Album review – Matt Hillyer’s “Glorieta”

The legendary band Eleven Hundred Springs ended its history in 2021, but the Texan band's front man and songwriter, Matt Hillyer, is still very active. He coproduced, last year, Squeezebox Bandits' album, "Check To Check", a fantastic record reviewed on this blog (check it out here), and wrote o cowrote several songs on it, including... Continue Reading →

American Aquarium on tour in Europe

American Aquarium is on tour on Europe till February 23th. Today in Leeds, in England, they had gigs in France, Belgium, the UK and they'll go on in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Norway. On February 7th, at 7pm, I was part of a group of people waiting on the sidewalk, by Boulevard Rochechouart, near... Continue Reading →

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