Welcome to this music blog dedicated to traditional country and red dirt music.

I’m French, living in Toulouse, Southwestern France. I created this blog on December 2017, to write about my passion, real country music, share my views about it, and review new albums and songs, as long as they belong to the genre. Feel free to comment my posts. All opinions are accepted and welcome while they are respectful.

I started writing about country music on social media, before the creation of this blog, and you can also find me and follow me on my Twitter account, created on December 2016, and on Instagram, created on February 2017, at @countrymusicfr.

You can also read me on the Facebook Page of the blog: https://www.facebook.com/CountryMusicFrance/

Country music may have american roots but it’s universal. Inspired lyrics and quality music echo in our heart, no matter the continent.

Welcome! Bienvenue !


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