Song review – Ragland’s “On Fire”

Ragland is a husband and wife duo formed in Oklahoma in May of 2015, who last year released the great album that was reviewed on this blog, “More Like A Melody” (read the review). This LP, that was recorded, mixed and mastered at Boohatch Studios in Ada, Oklahoma, by Mike McClure and both members of the band, Autumn Ragland and Sam Cox, was a concept album divided in 4 parts, each part representing a season.

Trailer Like You“, a funny song about Autumn Ragland’s Dad, whose trailer was a big part of his life, was the lead single of this album. After the release, the band was in hiatus during 10 months. They’re now back, and decided to release the sophomore single from the album, “On Fire“. This song, written by Autumn Ragland, features Mike McClure on lead guitars, guitalele and background vocals. It paints a picture of the selfish parts of ourselves in wanting to interact with someone only if it benefits ourselves.

“If I end up on TV
Will you forget to watch me
And turn a movie on
When every records broken
Will you still leave me hoping
I’ll be number one”

As all Ragland’s songs, “On Fire” has great songwriting and excellent instrumentation, and let us appreciate the beautiful voice of Autumn Ragland. When the band thought about pushing up this song to radio, and asked to their producer Mike McClure his opinion, he had no doubt and replied them : “Push it real good“.

It’s really great news for red dirt music fans to know that Ragland is back, because it’s a band that makes quality music and has a real talent for storytelling. If you listen to their 2020 album, “More Like A Melody”, you’ll surely appreciate their style. Before this LP, Ragland released two EP’s. The second one, “Murphy’s Law“, released in March of 2019, is particularly brilliant, and I strongly recommend you to listen to it. “Footsteps” and “Love, Liquor & A place to Die“, both present on this EP, are amazing tunes that contributed to their deserved renown on the red dirt scene.

Ragland is undoubtedly a band that you need to know if you love red dirt music, and “On Fire” is probably a good way to start.

Nicolas Davelu

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