Debut album review – Nate Fredrick’s “Different Shade of Blue”

Those who say that there’s no real country music today should listen to “Different Shade Of Blue“, the debut album of Nate Fredrick, and they’ll surely change their mind.

Nate Fredrick is an artist from Springfield, Missouri, who lives in Nashville since 2015. His first LP, released on February 26th, 2021, was recorded at Farmland Studios, in Nashville, and produced by David Dorn. Nate Fredrick, who is a prolific songwriter, wrote all the eleven songs of this record, most of them cowritten with talented songwriters.

Different Shade of Blue” made a huge impact on me at the first listen, and my first impression was confirmed all the times I’ve been listening to it since then. This album is absolutely brilliant, with fantastic music and songwriting… and it’s really and strongly country.

With such quality, I’m particularly impressed by “Love Someone” and “Paducah“. The first one, cowritten with Vinnie Paolizzi, a Philadelphia native and Nashville based singer and songwriter, is a gem. Beautifully written, uncompromisingly country, with heavy pedal steel, “Love Someone“, undoubtedly one of the best songs I’ve listened to since the beginning of the year, is the quintessence of the genre and will be remembered as one the most beautiful tunes of real country music.

Nate Fredrick – Brooke Stevens phtography

The single “Paducah” is a fantastic song, excellently cowritten with Dallas native artist Harper O’Neill. Inspired by travels between Springfield and Nashville (Paducah, Kentucky, is a halfway point between the two cities), it’s one of those beautiful songs that you’ll keep in your mind all day long.

“There’s something peacefully lonesome on the highway

Keeps a soul in motion, helps you travel on

North Up 65 and west on through Paducah

I can’t tell if I’m leaving home or headed home again”

Nate Fredrick cowrote with Florida native artist Ryan Nelson two excellent songs: “Be The One” and “Long Overdue“. The first one, with its bluesy style, particularly catchy, makes me think about Charley Crockett. “Long Overdue“, with its beautiful fiddle, piano and pedal steel, is another outstanding tune on this album.

The title track, cowritten with Matt Daniel, an artist from New Braunfels, Texas, is a catchy tune. “Caroline“, also cowritten with Matt Daniel and with Chad Bishop, artist from Florida, is beautiful, with amazing harmonica and great songwriting.

The Dreamer“, cowritten with Matt Daniel and Ben Chapman, an artist from Georgia, is a great song, with amazing piano, guitar and pedal steel, perfectly written.

You’ll also find great storytelling and songwriting with “Patches“, cowritten with Joybeth Taylor, the sad “All Over You Again“, cowritten with Matt McKinney and Ben Chaman, the excellent “To The Night” and with the beautiful and bluesy “Forget Ever Loving Me“.

With “Different Shade Of Blue“, you’ll find great and quality music and excellent storytelling and songwriting. It’s a cohesive album, with 11 excellent songs that you’ll love to listen, appreciating it more and more after every listening. It’s the evidence of a brilliant work, a Tour de Force, particularly for a debut album. And for our pleasure, it’s real country music.

Nicolas Davelu

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