Country Music France’s Top 30 Spotify Playlist: Update #6

Country Music France Top 30 Spotify playlist includes the blog’s current 30 favorite songs. Together with the albums, EP’s and song reviews, this playlist is an important way for this blog to share actual songs that belong to country music, red dirt, americana or southern rock genres. I just updated it for the 6th time, with no less than 21 new songs, recently released. As it’s a Spotify playlist, conceived to be potentially shuffle played, there’s no particular order between the 30 songs. This playlist lives on Spotify, but if you don’t use this streaming service, you can check out the list below and find the songs you want to listen to wherever you want. If you like them, I also invite you to listen to the albums and other songs of those great artists.

It gets cold at night in CaliforniaThe Reeves Brothers

This is a great and catchy song from the new album of the Reeves Brothers (Matt & Cole, from Pahrump, Nevada), the fantastic “The Last Honky Tonk“, released on August 28th.

Spent My Dime on White Wine – Victoria Bailey

The Californian artist Victoria Bailey released a beautiful album, “Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline“, just a week ago, and “Spent My Dime on White Wine” is one of the gems included in this LP that I strongly recommend you to listen.

It’s not so easy today – Zephaniah OHora

It’s not so easy today” is part of Zephaniah OHora ‘s new album, “Listening to the music“, released on August 28th. The awaited album is a masterpiece and this song is just so beautiful.

From a Table Away – Sunny Sweeney

Poet’s Prayer” is not anymore on this playlist but Sunny Sweeney is still there with another beautiful single released on September 11th, “From a Table Away“. If you love real country music, this song is made for you.

Drinking to the point they throw me out – Bryan James

Drinking to the point they throw me out” is part of Bryan James’ brilliant new album, “Politics or Religion“. Y’all, listen to this amazing song but also to the whole album: it’s one of the best traditional country albums released this year.

American Steel – Rich O’ Toole

The Texan artist Rich O’ Toole released a new album, the brilliant “New York“, on June 26th. “American Steel” is one of my favorite songs on this LP. Catchy and excellently written, it has been on repeat for me since its release.

Still a little country left – Curtis Grimes

Still a Little Country Left“, written by Trent Willmon, was performed by Daryle Singletary for his last album before he passed away. Beautifully performed by Curtis Grimes, it’s pure and real country music!

Getaway Wade Bowen

Getaway” is part of Wade Bowen’s new EP, “The Waiting“, released on August 28th. It’s a great and catchy song, that I had on repeat since its release.

June – Raihanna Estrada

Raihanna Estrada is an artist from California who recently released an excellent and catchy song, “June“. You can also check out her music video, thanks to the link at the end of this post.

The Ballad of the Reef Shadow The Lowdown Drifters

The Lowdown Drifters is a very talented band from Washington State. They released a great album, last year, “Last Call for Dreamers“, and various singles this year, including this excellent song, “The Ballad of the Reef Shadow“. Amazing and quality music!

Willie Nelson T Shirt Austin English

Released on August 14th, “Willie Nelson T Shirt” is a great and humorous song of the Fort Worth based artist Austin English, well-known for his 2019 single “Heartache in a small town“.

The Highway Kind Josh Abbott Band

After the beautiful “The Luckiest“, released that spring, there’s a new single of Josh Abbott Band, “The Highway Kind“. This great song will be the title track of the band’s awaited album, that should be released on November 13th.

I Do Thing – Kylie Frey

I do thing” will be part of Kylie Frey’s forthcoming EP, “Rodeo Queen“. The Louisiana native singer is one the best artists in country music scene today, and this song is an evidence of her impressive talent.

Drunk on love Steven James

The Texan artist Steven James released excellent singles, this year, with the fantastic and so catchy “Heartbreak on the Jukebox“, the great “Lose my Mind” and “Waiting on Her“, and now this beautiful song, “Drunk on love“, perfectly written. On repeat!

Fragile – DocFell & Co

DocFell & Co released a brilliant album, “Revelations“, on July 31st, and “Fragile” is one of the best songs included in this LP. Excellent and quality country music from Oklahoma!

Half a bottle Estin & The 86’d

Estin & The 86’d is a great country/red dirt band from Greeley, Colorado. Their debut album, “Long live the River“, released on August 14th, is absolutely brilliant. “Half a bottle” is an amazing red dirt song, very representative of their music.

Stray Dogs – Tennessee Jet

Tennessee Jet released his third album, “The Country“, on September 4th. “Stray Dogs” is one the best songs part of this brilliant LP, undoubtedly country but also with folk influences. A fantastic single!

No Time For a Broken Heart – Justin Wells

Four years after his solo debut album, “Dawn in the Distance“, Justin Wells released a great LP, “The United State“, on August 28th. “No Time for A Broken Heart” is one of the best songs of this album, soulful, catchy and excellently written and performed by the artist from Kentucky. You can also check out the music video at the end of the post.

Last One Hanging ‘Round Chase Crawford

Chase Crawford is a traditional country artist from Hahira, Georgia. He released an EP on June 20th, named “The Neon Lights Go on Forever“. “Last One Hanging ‘Round” is a great traditional country song. If you like it, I recommend you to listen to the whole EP. It’s excellent and quality music.

Sitting down under the moon Jim Bachmann

Jim Bachmann is an artist from Arizona who released last year an excellent album, “Arizona Burrito“, that I strongly recommend you if you haven’t listened to it yet. “Sitting Down Under the Moon” is his excellent brand new single, released on September 4th.

Cowboy’s Cowgirl Chad Cooke Band

Chad Cooke Band, one of the best Texan bands in country music genre, released their new single, “Cowboy’s Cowgirl“, on July 31st. Their music is really excellent and this single is not an exception. Enjoy it and check out the music video at the end of the post!

Nicolas Davelu

It gets cold at night in CaliforniaThe Reeves Brothers – The Last Honky-Tonk

Spent My Dime on White WineVictoria Bailey – Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline

It’s not so easy todayZephaniah OHora – Listening to the Music

From a Table AwaySunny Sweeney – Single

Drinking to the point they throw me outBryan James – Politics or Religion

American SteelRich O’ Toole – New York

Still a Little Country LeftCurtis Grimes – Single

GetawayWade Bowen – The Waiting (EP)

JuneRaihanna Estrada – Single

The Ballad of the Reef ShadowThe Lowdown Drifters – Single

Willie Nelson T ShirtAustin English – Single

The Highway KindJosh Abbott Band – Single

I Do ThingKylie Frey – Single

Drunk on love Steven James – Single

FragileDocFell & Co – Revelations

Here I Go AgainClay Hollis – Single

Half a bottleEstin & the 86’d – Long live the river

Stray DogsTennessee Jet – The Country

No Time for a Broken HeartJustin Wells – The United State

Last One Hanging ‘RoundChase Crawford – The Neon Lights Go On Forever (EP)

Lightning on the MountainKyle Nix – Lightninng on the Mountain & Other Short Stories

Sitting down under the moonJim Bachmann – Single

Busy Counting BridgesTessy Lou Williams – Self-titled album

Me+ Mine (Lamentations)American Aquarium – Lamentations

Cowboy’s CowgirlChad Cooke Band – Single

If This Is Just A GameEmily Nenni – Long Game (EP)

Forgot About YouTriston Marez – Single

Right Now with youMo Pitney – Ain’t lookin’ Back

Growing old with youRobynn Shayne – Let’s get this show on the road

True LoveJoshua Ray Walker – Glad You Made It

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