Album review – Rich O’ Toole’s “New York”

Rich O’ Toole released on June 26th his 7th studio album, named “New York“, by way of Average Joe’s Entertainment and its imprint Buffalo Roam Records, three years after “American Kid“, his previous LP.

The Houston native artist wrote all songs, except “Coke“, a great Flickerstick’s song that he sings with Brandin Lea, lead singer of the former rock band from Denton, Texas. 

To say that Rich O’ Toole is an excellent songwriter is an understatement. “Peter and Paul“, that I reviewed there or “American Steel” are the evidence of his talent for songwriting.

American Steel” is precisely one of my favorite songs on this record. It’s an impressive song, catchy and powerful, with great lyrics. It’s the kind of song that we need to listen, right now, in these troubled times.

Cause me I’m just a flash out on the highway

Chrome steel shining like broad daylight

I’m rolling through the dust bowls and the ghost towns

Running with the big rigs late at night…”

Ain’t nobody knows just where I’m going

Nobody gives a damn ’bout how I feel

I know I’m ’bout to reach this place I’m going

Because I’m rolling in American Steel

Another impressive song is the last one of the album, named “Frank Lloyd Wright“, as a tribute to the famous architect. This tune is just beautiful, with fantastic guitar and powerful songwriting.

New York City” is a great and wonderful tribute to “Big Apple” – “New York City, you’ve goy my vote … These bars and women gave me a home and kept me stoned…” “Back on my Bullshit” a catchy song with great lyrics, and “Kate” a beautiful ballad.

California” and “Mississippi Baby“, released previous to the album, are great songs.

Rich O’ Toole’s biography on Twitter just says : “Singer, songwriter. Tacos & Music“. If you follow him on social media, you’ll know a lot about his passion for tacos, food or wine, but, as it happens with quality songwriters, the most important part of him appears in his songs and he has an impressive talent for writing and singing what he feels. I never listened to a bad song of Rich O’ Toole, and “New York” is probably the best record he has released. If you love good songwriting and quality red dirt music, this album is for you.

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