EP review – Emily Nenni’s “Long Game”

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Emily Nenni is a name that all those who love traditional country music and honky tonk songs should know. Two years ago, the Bay Area native released her brilliant debut album, “Hell of a Woman“. This record is absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend you to have a listen to it: all its songs are real country music gems.

Now, Emily Nenni is back with a brand new EP released last Friday. “Long Game” includes four amazing songs, three of them cowritten by Emily Nenni and Mike Eli, the fourth being a cover of David Allan Coe.

Messin’ With Me” is a catchy song with great songwriting and amazing pedal steel from the beginning till the end.

The title track, “Long Game” is an amazing honky tong song with this fantastic pedal steel that enhances Emily Nenni’s beautiful voice.

Bad News (By No means)” is this kind of catchy song that instantly makes you love this ol’ country music that Emily Nenni sings so brilliantly. This song, my favorite on this record, is a gem!

The last song is a brilliant cover of David Allan Coe’s “If this is just a game“, a song from his 1978 beautiful album “Human Emotions”. I have just no words after listening to this fantastic cover, so I’ll just recommend you to check it out urgently. You’ll love it!

Emily Nenni worked for this album with Mike Eli (cowriter, guitarist and producer), Brett Resnick (pedal steel), Jake Davis (mix and production) and the band Teddy and The Rough Riders (backing band).

Long Game” is a fantastic honky tonk record, that will undoubtedly make you want to listen to Emily Nenni’s previous LP album. Just do it… and enjoy!

Nicolas Davelu


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