Country Music France’s 2020 Top EP’s

When comes the moment to talk about the best music you listened during the year, you think about albums and songs. That’s why, generally, in December you’ll have a list of the best LP’s and best songs released all along the year. Of course, you’ll find these lists on this blog, very soon, but before, I wanted to talk about another category: the Extended Plays (EP’s). A lot of excellent country EP’s were released this 2020, and you’ll find here my 6 favorite.

6- Clayton Smalley – Dirt Road Therapy

After the excellent “Whiskey Sunrise” that was part of Country Music France 2019 best EP’s, Clayton Smalley, a very talented artist from Utah, released another great EP, this year, on November 20th, named “Dirt Road Therapy“. I recommend you to listen to the whole record, particularly the title track, the beautiful “Phoenix Rise” and the amazing “Modern Day Merle“.

5- Emily Nenni – Long Game

I reviewed Emily Nenni’s brilliant EP there:

Long Game” is a fantastic honky tonk record, and I’m sure that if you check it out, you’ll also want to listen to the previous album of this brilliant artist from Bay area, “Hell of a Woman“.

4- Zach Bryan – Quiet, Heavy Dreams

Zach Bryan released a fantastic EP, named “Quiet, Heavy Dreams“, on November 27th. If you begin listening to the record of the young and talented artist from Oklahoma, you’ll have it on repeat. It’s quality music and excellent songwriting. A fantastic EP!

3- Parker McCollum – Hollywood Gold

All has been said about Parker McCollum’s impressive talent. His EP, “Hollywood Gold“, released on October 16th, is absolutely awesome, with those great singles that were a big part of 2020: “Young Man’s Blues” and “Pretty Heart“. Brilliant!

2- Randall King – Leanna

Randall King, released a beautiful EP this December. Its title, “Leanna“, is a tribute to Randall King’s sister, who passed away this year. “Around Forever” is one of the most beautiful songs released this 2020, and its music video is particularly moving. “Takin’ as it Comes” and “Hey Moon“, two great singles, were also a big part of 2020.

1- Clay Hollis – Honky Tonk Highway”

THe EP released by the Texan artist on October 1st, “Honky Tonk Highway“, is absolutely brilliant. Its 6 songs are real and great country music. “Here I go Again“, previously released on May 8th, is one the best country songs of 2020. The beautiful “Anybody Lovin’ You lately“, is another of my favorite songs of this record. If you love honky tonk and red dirt music, this EP is made for you: you’ll have it on repeat.

Nicolas Davelu

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