Country Music France’s 2019 artist of the year: Kylie Rae Harris

This year, the choice of Country Music France as the artist of the year is still a a Texan female artist, as it was in 2018 with Kacey Musgraves. Her name is Kylie Rae Harris.

I know that this choice will appear controversial, for some people. So, first, I want to be clear: this is a music blog, where I’m talking about artists, albums and songs. Another considerations have nothing to do on this site, and negative comments are useless and unwelcome. What happened on the roads of New Mexico on September was a tragedy, for her, for her daughter Corbie, for the other young victim of the accident, Maria Elena Cruz, and for Texas country music.

I just want, at the end of this year, to remember the beautiful artist who was Kylie Rae Harris and to talk about her music. On March 29th, this year, the Texan artist from Wylie released an impressive eponym EP, one of the best records released this year.

Three months after her death, the songs of this EP go on haunting my mind. “Twenty Years from Now“, of course, cowritten with Jon Randall: a poignant song that it’s very difficult to listen without feeling like crying, but so wonderfully written and sung by Kyie Rae Harris. “Missouri“, my other favorite song of this EP, or “Run Away“, are evidences of the talent she had. Obviously, she was promised to a bright future. As I said on a post, that I wrote in September on this blog (you have the link below), Texas scene and country music lost a loving mother, a brilliant songwriter and a beautiful artist.

At the end of this year, while thinking about this 2019, it’s her voice that I listen to and that’s why I chose her to be Country Music France’s artist of the year. I’m sure about one thing : twenty years from now, we will still listen to her amazing songs. With such a songwriting, and because of the beautiful and unique way she sung them, they are timeless.

From France, all my thoughts and prayers are with all those who knew her, worked with her, loved her and who miss her so much at this moment.

Nicolas Davelu

5 thoughts on “Country Music France’s 2019 artist of the year: Kylie Rae Harris

  1. I agree whole heartily with what you said.. I was honored to call Kylie Rae Harris a friend. My heart broke the day she died. It doesn’t matter why.. it matters that two lives were cut short. And a sweet little girl lost her mom. I met her through Zane Williams and I can’t hear Pablo and Maria without thinking of her. Happy New Year and thankful you for your sweet words.

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  2. Great tribute to a unique force. I had the chance to write a song with her a week or so before she left.Its a tribute that she wanted to flesh out about a couple heroes of hers. I think it’s the last song she wrote while she was here.She was planning to record it on her latest project. I’m not sure if she did as planned and haven’t kicked the producer’s hive to find out , out of courtesy. However I do have the original raw worktape when we wrote it. Given the above news and tribute,I think yours are the right ears to hear it first. I can send it via email or text.Ill see if I can attach it here, if you’re interested.Thanks again !


  3. What happened was not “a tragedy”. It was choice. A choice made by the person you choose to honor. That choice took away someone I loved. No amount of talent supersedes that.


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