Kylie Rae Harris: the tragic loss of a country music rising artist

One week ago, Kylie Rae Harris died in a car crash, while she was on her way to Taos, New Mexico, to play at the Big Barn Dance Festival. In the accident also died a 16 year old girl, Maria Elena Cruz, and a third driver was injured. It was a very sad day for Texas music scene and for country music.

Kylie Rae Harris, the 30 years old singer and songwriter from Wylie, Texas, was undoubtedly promised to a bright future. The self-titled EP she released on March 29th, this year, was brilliant. It’s one of the most important EP’s released in 2019.

Missouri” was included in Country Music France’s spring playlist and I still consider it as one of the best songs released this year. Listening today to the beautiful “Twenty year from now“, a song dedicated to her young daughter, is so heartbreaking.

“Twenty years from now
My prayer is that somehow
You’ll forgive all my mistakes
And be proud of the choice I make
God, I hope I’m still around
Twenty years from now”


Big ol’ heartache” was a deserved success – and still is – and will probably remain as her most famous song.

On this morning, I was listening to “Run away” on the way to my work and I was really impressed by the quality of this song, its songwriting and the way she was singing it. I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs she has written and performed.

A lot of Texan artists reacted to the death of Kylie Rae Harris and expressed their love for her, their sadness, their admiration. It’s an evidence, for those who doubted about it, of the close ties between Texan singers and songwriters and that Texas country is a family.

The last story she shared in Instagram was poignant and so devastating. She was crying remembering what was meaning the city of Taos for her, the death of her Dad and of members of her family. In her last tweet, she wrote : “Fuel range is 46 miles and I’m 36 from the nearest gas station. Dear baby Jesus please don’t let me get stranded in NM”.

I’m really sad for the tragedy that happened on this road of New Mexico. I think about Kylie’s daughter, Corbie, about her family, her friends, all those who shared her life or worked with her. I’m praying for them and for the family of the other victim of this tragic accident, Maria Elena Cruz. Texas scene and country music lost a loving mother, a brilliant singer and songwriter and a beautiful artist.

You can donate to a College fund for Corbie entering to this page:

Rest in peace, Kyie Rae Harris.

Nicolas Davelu


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