Debut EP Review – Jason Spradlin’s “Only in my Mind”

Texan artist Jason Spradlin released today his debut EP, “Only in my Mind“. It was produced by Chuck Ebert at “The Cabin“, Axon Entertainment’s recording studio.

Jason Spradlin, who grew up in Redwater, Texas, in the Piney Woods area, is now based in Fort Worth. He previously released the first single of this EP,  “Texas Sunshine“, on October 18th 2019.

If you like traditional country music, with excellent instrumentation and songwriting, this EP is for you! Its five songs were written by Jason Spradlin and 4 of them are cowritten by the producer of the record, Chuck Ebert.

The title track, “Only in my mind“, is a great ballad with beautiful pedal steel. It’s listening to this kind of songs that you know why you’re in love with Texas traditional country music. A pure gem!

Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde” is a great song with excellent instrumentation and songwriting. It’s undoubtedly one of the best songs of the record.


Texas Sunshine“, the single previously released, is another great song, perfectly written, in which Jason’s Spradlin voice is beautifully accompanied by pedal steel and fiddle.

Kiss you” is a beautiful and moving ballad, and “Texas belongs with me” a catchy song that you will have on repeat.

Jason Spradlin is undoubtedly a talented artist that all real country music lovers must have on their radar. After such a brilliant debut EP, we’re waiting impatiently for his next records!

Nicolas Davelu


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