Album review – Micky & the Motorcars’ “Long Time Comin'”

Micky & the Motorcars released in november, via Thirty Tigers, their long-awaited album, “Long Time Comin’“. It’s the seventh studio album of the band, formed in Austin in 2002, the first since “Hearts From Above“, released in 2014.

It was worth the wait. This album, produced by Keith Gattis, is awesome! Its 11 songs are among the best red dirt and country songs we’ve listened to this year. Gary and Micky Braun, sons of Muzzie Braun, are brilliant songwriters and  this album is the evidence of their talent.

My favorite song is the beautiful “Lions of Kandahar“. I’m in love with this amazing song since I listened to it for the first time and it’s undoubtedly on of my 2019 favorite songs.  Beautifully written and performed by the band, it’s a tribute to the American soldiers who knew the war and had to deal with their “normal” life after being back in the US.


The single “Road to you“, cowritten by Mickey Braun and Texas singer and songwriter Courtney Patton, is a powerful and impressive song, a great track when you’re on the road, with amazing drums and an unforgettable sound when the song begins and when it ends.

Rodeo Girl“, cowritten by Gary and Micky Braun, is a catchy song, one of the first to have been released. The Braun family is from Idaho, where rodeo culture is strong. This is the land where Gary, Micky and their older brothers Cody and Willy (who formed another band, Reckless Kelly) were born and grew up.

All looks the same“, cowritten by Micky Braun and Jeff Crosby, and “Run into You“, cowritten by Gary Braun and Josh Grider, are two beautiful ballads, with excellent harmonica.

Break my Heart“, cowritten by Gary Braun and Jeff Crosby, and “Alone Again Tonight“, cowritten by Gary Braun and the producer of the album Keith Gattis, are catchy songs

The title track, “Long Time Comin‘”, cowritten by Gary Braun and Bruce Robison, is an awesome and catchy song, with beautiful mandolin and acordion.

Thank My Mother’s God“, another excellent song, is a great tribute to mothers.

If you like red dirt and Texas country music, “Long Time Comin‘” is undoubtedly an album for you. Its beautiful songwriting and powerful music will give you hours of pleasure. Enjoy it!

Nicolas Davelu

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