Wynn Williams, a future country star

Wynn Williams released new songs, on September 27th, two years after “Words Fly“, his first record. These songs can be listened when you preorder his upcoming LP album. The 25 years old artist (and rodeo cowboy) from North Texas is a talented singer and songwriter who loves traditional country music.

These songs, cowritten with Roger Brown, confirm all the expectation that we could have for him after listening to his debut record.

Tornado” is a brilliant song that I had on repeat since the release of the EP.  Just pure and brilliant Texas country as I love to listen all day long. We have a great voice,  a perfect songwriting and an excellent instrumentation with good pedal steel and amazing guitar riffs.

Yeah Buddy” is an awesome Honky Tonk song with the beat and the fiddles you need to dance in your favorite place. You can check out its excellent music video (you’ll find the link at the end of this post) and soon, on October 18th, the “Story behind the song” on Wynn Williams’ Youtube channel.

Then You Came True” is a beautiful country ballad with excellent songwriting and instrumentation.

Man What a Woman” is this catchy love song that makes you instantaneously feel good and that you will want to sing along all the day after listening to it.

Her silhouette” is excellently written, catchy and full of amazing pedal steel.

If you havent’t listened to Wynn Williams yet, don’t wait more and check out inmediatly his music, you won’t be disappointed. And if you knew him, for having previously listened to his first record, then you’ll be definitely sure that such a talented artist will be a future country star.

Nicolas Davelu



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