EP review – Triston Marez’s “Until I Found You”

Triston Marez only needed 8 months after his debut EP release (you’ll find Country Music France review here: https://wp.me/p9t165-4i ) to release a new one, titled “Until I Found you“. Since last Friday, we can enjoy 6 new songs of the 22 year-old artist from Houston. In the same way we have two LP albums of Cody Jinks this year, we also have two records of the young Texan singer and songwriter this 2019.

Produced by Alex Torrez and David Dorn, released by Torrez Music Group, the brilliant “Until I Found You” confirms the talent of Triston Marez and his impressive ability for juggling with all categories of country music genre.

Do you want an awesome Honky Tonk to dance in your favorite bar? Just put “Wish I could Dance” on the jukebox and forget all the rest of the world for some minutes of intense happiness.

Will you prefer to listen to a country ballad with beautiful pedal steel? Choose “Fort Worth“, you’ll not be disappointed! And keep on with the title-track, the magic “Until I Found You“. This song is a gem, beautifully written by Triston Marez and Andrew Scott Mills  (who also cowrote “Wish I Could Dance“). Once you’ll have begun to listen to it, it will be probably on repeat for months.

Are you on a rockin’ day? Play the amazing “Night To Remember“, a fantastic red dirt song with incredible drums and guitar.

Do you admire the innate talent of Texans for songwriting? Listen to “Far From Good“, a song that Triston Marez cowrote with Wynn Williams, Steve Helms, Randall King and Jesse Raub Jr. This gem is the quintessence of country music. Then keep on with the beautiful “Leavin’ is All That’s Left to Do“, cowritten by Triston Marez with Brice Long and Terry McBride.

With Triston Marez, whose brilliant debut EP was released on January 25th, it seems you’ll never be disappointed if what you love is pure and traditional country music. All his songs are just the acme of our favorite genre.


Nicolas Davelu

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