Album review – Dallas Moore’s “Tryin’ to Be a Blessing”

Dallas Moore released his new album, “Tryin’ to Be a Blessing” last friday, on Sol records. Produced by Dean Miller, Roger Miller’s song, as was Dallas Moore’s previous album, the excellent “Mr Honky Tonk“, it’s a gem, highly recommended for all those who love outlaw and traditional country. It’s also the most personal album released by the Ohio native singer, due to both tragic and happy circumstances that recently occurred in his life.

Mama & Daddy” is a beautiful tribute to Dallas Moore’s parents, who both passed away last year. As it appears with the beautiful songwriting of this song, they were the evidence that opposites attract. “Mama was a God-ferain woman, Daddy was a hell-raisin man […] She had a bible in the kitchen, he had a bottle in his hand“.

Everything but you” is a real gem. It’s undoubtedly one of the best songs I have heard this year. Its songwriting, all about the reality of the road for a singer who is waited by his loving family, is beautiful. Autobiographical, it describes perfectly the life of a singer who performs more than 300 shows a year! Check out its excellent music video, in which Dallas Moore appears with his wife Jenna and his young baby girl Victoria. An amazing video!

The title-track, “Tryin’ to Be a Blessing“, is an awesome song, beautifully written too.

But I’ve got my faith and music and I’ve got my woman’s love
And Jesus is my homeboy, so I guess that’s good enough
I’m just tryin’ to be a blessing here today

I love you woman” and “All I need” are beautiful love songs.

You saved me from me” is a catchy song, with excellent pedal steel and songwriting, about this angel who saved him.

For the amazing “Lovin’ on Back Streets“, Dallas Moore sings a song released by Mel Street in 1972 (and also sung by Daryl Singletary) with the participation of an artist from Nashville, Tommy Ash.

We also have two another awesome covers, “Lodi“, a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the great “Della and the Dealer“, an amazing cover of Hoyt Axton’s song.

Tryin’ to Be a Blessing” is a masterpiece. Undoubtedly one of the best country albums released this year, it’s unmissable for all country music lovers.


Nicolas Davelu


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