Country Music France 2018 Top 25 songs

I left you in 2018 with my 2018 Top 10 albums.
Let me, first, wish you a happy new year. There’s new awesome country music to come in 2019, but, before, I would like to end my retrospective of the past year with, last but not least, my 2018 Top 25 country songs. I could have added many more songs, and I apologize to all those artists I love and that are not in this short list, but I needed to limit this post to 25 songs, and believe me if I tell you it was difficult to choose.

As a little bonus, I’ll present you, at the end of this post, an alternative list, a short selection of the 3 country songs that my wife Tatiana prefered, in 2018. Let me tell you that my wife, who is Colombian, is listening, all day long, latin music, that is to say mostly salsa and vallenato. Vallenato is a musical genre of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, very popular in all the country, in which prevails accordion. She also listens to a lot of artists from Mexico, rancheras, classic songs of latin and spanish vast repertory. But as a music lover, she also pays attention to what I’m listening and she loves excellent country songs.

#25 Stoney LaRue – You oughta know

#24 Joe Nichols – Choices

#23 Natalie Rose – My South

#22 Joshua Hedley – Mr Jukebox

#21 Bri Bagwell – If you were a cowboy

#20 Cody Johnson – On my way to you

#19 Randall King – Freightline

#18 Dallas Moore – Mr Honky Tonk

#17 JP Harris – When I quit drinking

#16 Pistol Annies – Best years of my life

#15 John Thibodeaux – Don’t want to love her anymore

#14 Jade Marie Patek – Calling my name

#13 Dillon Carmichael – Country women

#12 Blackberry Smoke – Best seat in the house

#11 Cameran Nelson – Pictures on the wall

#10 Rich O’Toole – Mississippi Baby

#9 Blackberry Smoke – You got lucky

#8 American Aquarium – The world is on fire

#7 Mike and the Moonpies – Beaches of Biloxi

#6 Dustin Sonnier – Drinkin’ alone

#5 Cody Jinks – Must be the whiskey

#4 Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Around here

#3 Kacey Musgraves – Space Cowboy

#2 Jade Marie Patek – Damn the rain

#1 Jason Boland and the Stragglers – Hard Times are Relative

Bonus : Tatiana’s 2018 Top 3 country songs (I also love them…)

#3 Josh Turner – I saw the light

#2 Blackberry Smoke – You got lucky

#1 Kacey Musgraves – Happy and sad


Nicolas Davelu

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