Album review: Creed Fisher’s “Life of a Workin’ Man”

Texan artist Creed Fisher released in December of 2018 his third album, “Life of a workin’ man“. Listening to it, in this early days of 2019, is an excellent choice for a country music lover.

In the title song “Life of a workin’ man“, in which excellent pedal steel guitar is very present, West Texas native singer expresses his anger against “That politician DC man” and “That Hollywood TV man“, telling them : “Don’t tell me that you understand what it’s like and who I am if you ain’t spent your day working hard for half of your pay“… In my opinion, it’s probably the best song of the album.

This place called USA” is a patriotic song, “dedicated to the United States military, our police, firefighters and first responders“. Music video begins in a classroom, showing pupils reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States. Here again, Creed Fisher, ex football player, expresses his anger, making appear in the music video  images of those football players who kneel down during the national hymn and of the flag burning. Creed Fisher tells he doesn’t want politicians to tell “what’s good for you” and wants to “teach my kids about the land of the free and the home for the braves”. This song is a great patriotic act, sung by a singer who served in the armed forces. While “Life a a workin’ man” sounds country, “This place called USA” explores country rock side of the singer from Odessa.

Drink, smoke, cuss and fight” is a catchy song, with a lot of drums, pedal steel guitar, very representative of Texas Honky Tonk style. It’s undoubtedly one of my other favorites of this album, along with the also excellent Honky tonk “You got an app for that?”. In the same style appears “I’ve been drunk and I’m still drinkin‘ “.

This side of town” is a beautiful ballad about the life of “Rednecks like us“, perfectly written, with excellent fiddle. The final song, “Too late now to give a damn“, another excellent ballad, is one of the best songs of the album. With excellent songwriting and instrumentation (pedal steel guitar and fiddle), it’ a perfect country song.

Creed Fisher released an awesome album, with pure country, honky tonk and country rock moments, very enjoyable for Texas country lovers.

Nicolas Davelu

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