Jade Marie Patek’s talent comes out with amazing “Fly Bird”

Jade Marie Patek’s first album, “Fly Bird”, is very impressive. After listening to the songs that were released before, I was waiting for it impatiently and I’m not disappointed.

Artistic qualities and maturity of this young Texan singer come out with this EP, one of the best releases of this year in the field of Texas music, in my opinion.

Jade Marie Patek’s voice enhances beautiful songwriting and musical high qualities of each song of “Fly Bird” from the beginning till the end of this excellent production.

“Calling my name” and “Damn the rain”, two of the best country songs I listened this year

“Calling my name” and “Damn the rain” are undoubtedly two of the best country songs I listened this year. “Damn the rain” is one of those timeless sad songs that gives it cachet to country music genre.

“Love’s to blame” is another excellent piece, catchy and spirited, while “Dead flowers” explores Jade Marie Patek’s rock side.

“Fly bird” is an excellent song, brilliantly produced and somewhat ethereal.

“Drive” is absolutely beautiful, excellently written and perfectly sung.

With such a brilliant album, Jade Marie Patek shows the vast rang of her musical skills. Her voice will keep on haunting my mind for a good while. Definitely, Texas is a fertile land for American country music, and Jade Marie proudly and brilliantly represents this genre.


Nicolas Davelu

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