Album review : John Thibodeaux’s “Moments like this”

If you love Texas country music, John Thibodeaux’s album “Moments like this” is undoubtedly made for you. Born in Louisiana but mostly raised in Texas, this artist is a very talented singer and songwriter. Each song of this album is a masterful piece of traditional country.

“Don’t want to love her anymore” is probably the best song of this album. It’s just the kind of sad country song we love to listen. Beautifully written and sung, it’s one of the excellent Texan country songs I’ve heard this year. Listening to it, we understand why country music let us feel emotions more than any other genre.

“Just the way we do it” is also one of my favorite songs of this album. It’s the quintessence of Texan music, catchy an soulful. Use of piano gives it its particular style, as it happens with “Goodbye”, a beautiful ballad.

“Squeeze box” and “Red beans and rice” are awesome Honky Tonk style songs, very Texan and particularly catchy.

“Buzzed on loving you”, “Just go on” and “Moments like this” are excellent and beautifully written country songs.

“Thank a soldier” is a beautiful and patriotic song, dedicated to the brave who defend the nation, sometimes at the cost of their life.

From ballads to honky tonk songs, mainly self-penned, John Thibodeaux’s album contains all those kind of songs that make us love country music.

Nicolas Davelu


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