Album review – The Lowdown Drifters’ “Cheating On A Memory”

Three years after the acclaimed “Last Call For Dreamers“, that I reviewed here, the Lowdown Drifters released on September 30th a new album, “Cheating On A Memory“, via Gold Towne Music.

Recorded in Fort Worth, TX, this LP was released in three parts, with a first chapter on June 24th, a second one on August 19th and finally the last one on September 30th. The chapters were four songs EP, each one focused on the experiences the band had over the past several years, Covid, of course, but also their move from Washington State to Texas, an important new step musically and as songwriters, and the strain that put all those events and changes on personal relationships.

All songs were written by the band’s frontman, John Cannon, and the band’s guitarist Ryan Klein, with also the participation of the Louisiana native singer and songwriter Taylor Nauta, and of Chelsey Marie Browning.

The three chapters were produced by Tim Allen, who had also produced their last single in 2021, the excellent “Alright“. You can find there my interview of the band, made on the occasion of this single’s release.

The title track is a rock song, very catchy, excellently written by Ryan Klein and beautifully sung by John Cannon.

“Now I’m cheating on a memory

Making promises I can’t keep

To a ghost locked in my mind

Holding keys to all my dreams”

Cheating on a Memory

In the first chapter, as well as the title track, you’ll find three other gems. “Damn Song” is a beautiful tune, excellently written. It features the Tijuana Trainwreck horn section, and that’s why you’ll notice some wind instruments (trumpet and saxophone) that are also present in the third chapter. “Crazy Pretty Hell” is a very catchy song, with fantastic guitar riffs and great lyrics. “Rock N Roll“, the last song of the first chapter, is one of my favorites of the album. Catchy, with beautiful fiddle, it’s a highly relatable tune, that perfectly represents the kind of music that plays The Lowdown Drifters and why we love it so much.

The second chapter is probably my favorite one. Y’all, listen to the beautiful “Daylight“, with great pedal steel and guitar riffs, and excellent lyrics, to the catchy “Mistakes“, cowritten by John Cannon and Taylor Nauta, with its amazing fiddle, to the great rock song “Like I Had A choice” and to the country rock tune “Two Lanes“, with fantastic guitar riffs and songwriting.

The third chapter is also a great one. “Man I Was” is an outstanding song with great fiddle and beautiful songwriting. Listening to the wonderful “Bring You Down“, you’ll appreciate the quality of the songwriting and the beautiful voice of Taylor Hunnicutt. I particularly love the fantastic “Back To You“, cowritten by John Cannon and Chelsey Marie Browning. Featuring the Tijuana Trainwreck horn section, it ends with the same wind instruments that were present for “Damn Song“. The result is a brilliant song, with this “Tex Mex” touch that let the band pay a beautiful tribute to the Lone Star state’s music. An outstanding tune !

The band has a gift for writing and playing catchy songs with relatable lyrics. Sometimes, it’s rock or red dirt, sometimes it’s country, and even Tex Mex, but it’s always quality music. “Cheating On A Memory” is a brilliant album that you’ll appreciate more and more as you listen to it.

Nicolas Davelu

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