Album review – David Adam Byrnes’ “Keep Up With A Cowgirl”

If you think about country music traditionalists, in 2022, David Adam Byrnes is undoubtedly one of the first names that will come to your mind. His 2020 album, “Neon Town“, produced by Trent Willmon, was an evidence of his talent and his authenticity. It was ranked #8 on Country Music France’s 2020 Top 25 albums.

The Arkansas native artist released last week his new record, named “Keep Up With A Cowgirl“, via Reviver records. Coproduced by Bart Busch, it’s a 16 songs album, full of pedal steel, fiddle and great songwriting.

The title track, a catchy song, very representative of the whole album, is uncompromising country. You absolutely need to check out its excellent video, where you can watch Team Durango profesional female rodeo athletes. Probably one of the best music videos released this year.

Another outstanding songs are the catchy “Too Much Texas“, with impressive fiddle and banjo, and “Smallest Town On Earth“, with such fantastic pedal steel, great fiddle and, of course, excellent songwriting. Pedal steel is also absolutely beautiful on the great “All I’m Missing“, one of my favorite songs on this record.

If you love ballads, you must listen to the beautiful “Better Love Next Time“, another of my favorites tunes present on the album, the gem “I find A Reason” (what a quality of pedal steel, again!) and the great “Accidents”.

You’ll also find excellent “drinkin‘” songs, particularly “Cold Beer Time” and “Past My Bud Time” and honky tonk gems, with the catchy “One Honky Tonk Town” and “A Shot Or Two“.

Like I’m Elvis” is also an excellent song, maybe with some more commercial appeal.

At the end of the album, David Adam Byrnes released four acoustic songs, and among them you must listen to the beautiful cover of one of my favorite country songs of all time, Dan Seals’ “Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold“.

If you love real country music and 90’s country, “Keep Up With A Cowgirl” is made for you and you’ll probably have it on repeat all next weeks. David Adam Byrnes undoubtedly released one of the best country albums of this year. It’s authentic. It’s catchy. It’s quality music and songwriting. And most important, it’s real country. Enjoy, y’all !

Nicolas Davelu

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