Country Music France’s Top 30 Spotify Playlist: Update #5

Country Music France Top 30 Spotify playlist was created 6 months ago. It includes the blog’s current 30 favorite songs. Together with the albums, EP’s and song reviews, this playlist is an important way for this blog to share actual songs that belong to country music, red dirt, americana or southern rock genres. I just updated it for the fifth time, with 13 new songs, recently released. As it’s a Spotify playlist, conceived to be potentially shuffle played, there’s no particular order between the 30 songs. This playlist lives on Spotify, but if you don’t use this streaming service, you can check out the list below and find the songs you want to listen on your favorite streaming app.

Sunny SweeneyPoet’s Prayer

Sunny Sweeney released one of the most beautiful country songs of this 2020. Co-written with Erin Enderlin and Buddy Owen, “Poet’s Prayer” is brilliant, real and traditional country music. As soon as Sunny Sweeney begins singing, you are carried away by her voice, by the lyrics and by such pure and beautiful music. “Poet’s Prayer” is the quintessence of country music.

Clay Hollis – “Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again“, co-written by Gabe Garcia and Bart Butler, is a fantastic song that I have on repeat since its release on May 8th. This catchy tune is a gem for all traditional country and Texas music lovers. I also strongly recommend you to listen to the excellent self-titled debut EP of this young and brilliant artist from San Antonio, Texas.

Kyle Nix – “Lightning on the Mountain

The ex fiddler of Turnpike Troubadours will release his debut solo album, “Lightning o the Moutain and other short stories” on June 26th. “Lightning on the Mountain” is its debut solo song. With such an impressive red dirt song, we can’t wait to listen to the upcoming LP of the Oklahoma native fiddler and singer. Absolutely brilliant!

Chad Cooke Band – “Four Minutes

Chad Cooke Band is actually one of the best bands that you can listen on the Texas music scene. They are brilliant, authentic, great performers and their music is absolutely amazing. They have released two albums since their debut LP, “Easy Way Home“, in 2016. “Four Minutes“, their actual single, is a gem. They are regularly playing some live streams on Facebook or Instagram and I strongly recommend you to watch them. You’ll love their performance!

Tessy Lou Williams – “Busy Counting Bridges

The native Montana artist Tessy Lou Wiliams brilliantly plays traditional country music. “Busy Counting Bridges” is her new single, catchy and with great fiddle. I’m sure you’ll love it. You can also check out the beautiful “Why Do I Still Want You“, released in April.

Willie Nelson – “I’m the only my Mama Ever Raised

Willie Nelson released for Mother’s Day a beautiful cover of Johnny Paycheck’s “I’m the only hell my Mama ever raised”, from his 1977 album “Slide off Your Satin Shets“. This song will be included in Willie Nelson’s upcoming album, “First Rose of Spring“, that will be released on July 3d.

Curtis Grimes – “Little Bit

Co-written by Curtis Grimes and Ronny Vines, “Little Bit” is a beautiful song about the 2 and a half years old daughter of the Texan singer. It’s a gem, with great songwriting and amazing traditional country music. You can also check out its great music video (you have the link below).

Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings – “Ode to Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s song)

Five years after “Hold My Beer Vol 1“, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen released, on May 8th, their album “Hold My Beer Vol 2“. Among its 12 excellent songs, there’s the amazing “Rodeo Clown”, that was previously on this playlist, and a gem: “Ode to Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s Song)“. It’s a fantastic tune written by Waylon Jennings, but never recorded, about the famous roadie Ben Dorcy, who worked for Willie Nelson and so many others artists and sadly passed away three years ago. You can listen to the voice of Waylon Jennings, thanks to the worktape of the song that had Ben Dorcy, and his son Shooter also sings with Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen.

Mo Pitney – “Right Now With You

The talented singer from Illinois Mo Pitney released this year two songs, “Ain’t Lookin’ Back” and “Right Now With You“. As always, with Mo Pitney, it’s great and traditional country music, with excellent songwriting. “Right Now With You” is a beautiful song, co-written with Paul Overstreet and Wil Nance, with great pedal steel.

Dillon Carmichael – “Country Boy Lovin’

One year and a half after his debut album, the excellent “Hell on an Angel“, that Country Music France ranked best debut album of 2018, and some months after his great EP “I do For You“, the artist from Kentucky Dillon Carmichael released a great brand new song. “Country Boy Lovin’” is a catchy song, co-written with Adam Craig and Thomas Archer. Listen to it, you’ll have it on repeat!

Emily Nenni – “If This Is Just A Game

If This Is Just A Game” is a brilliant cover of David Allan Coe’s song, from his 1978 album “Human Emotions“. It’s included in Emily Nenni’s brand new EP, “Long Game“, an amazing honky tonk record that I reviewed there:

Emily Nenni, a Bay area native, released her excellent debut album, “Hell of a woman“, two years ago. “Long Game” is her second record.

Triston Marez – “Forgot About You

Triston Marez is a brilliant Texan singer who released two beautiful EP’s last year, “That Was All Me” and “Until I Found You“, both reviewed on this blog. If you love traditional and real country music, you’ll enjoy all the songs of the Houston native singer. “Forgot About You” is a beautiful tune, excellently co-written by the artist with Andrew Scott Wills, with great pedal steel. Another song of Triston Marez to be listened on repeat!

Joshua Ray Walker – “True Love

One year after his excellent debut album “Wish You Were Here“, Joshua Ray Walker just released a new song, “True Love“. It’s a catchy tune, that will be included in the Dallas native artist’s sophomore album, “Glad You Made It”, due to come out on July 10th, via State Fair Records. An awaited album!

Nicolas Davelu

Poet’s PrayerSunny Sweeney – Single

Me+ Mine (Lamentations)American Aquarium – Lamentations

Here I Go AgainClay Hollis – Single

Growing old with youRobynn Shayne – Let’s get this show on the road

Lightning on the MountainKyle Nix – Single

Only Money, HoneyJesse Daniel & Jodi Lyford – Rollin’ On

Four MinutesChad Cooke Band – Single

Thinkin’ ‘Bout you all nightReckless Kelly – Single

Busy Counting BridgesTessy Lou Williams – Single

I’m the only hell my Mama ever raisedWillie Nelson – Single

Losing My MindLauren Mascitti – God made a Woman

Little BitCurtis Grimes – Single

Ode to Ben Dorcy (Lovey’s song)Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Waylon Jennings and Shooter Jennings – Hold My Beer Vol 2

Right Now with youMo Pitney – Single

Heartbreak on the jukeboxSteven James – Single

Country Boy Lovin’Dillon Carmichael – Single

If This Is Just A GameEmily Nenni – Long Game (EP)

Forgot About YouTriston Marez – Single

Neon CrossJaime Wyatt – Single

True LoveJoshua Ray Walker – Single

Old MenCorb Lund – Single

First Thing I Reach ForAshley McBryde – Single

I’ve Got You CoveredPorter Union – Loved & Lost

Fast LaneCody Jinks – Single

ZootedRagland – More Like A Melody

Let me hold you tonightDeryl Dodd – Single

Don’t leave her lonelyGeorge Ducas – Yellow Rose Motel

A few years agoDaryl Mosley – Single

Honky Tonk HellGabe Lee – Single

What If It Was So EasyTyller Gummersall – Heartbreak College

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