Album Review – Robynn Shayne’s “Let’s get this show on the road”

Reading that musical streaming is decreasing since the beginning of Covid-19 crisis is quite a suprise. We could think that people who love music would stream more songs and albums than ever, to counterbalance the cancelation of gigs and live events. We could also think that being in quarantine and not going to work would give people time to stream more music… and surprisingly, what happens seems to be the contrary.

It’s a double penalty for the artists, who lose earnings, not only with the cancelation of their gigs but also with the decrease of their recorded albums and songs. That’s why Country Music France, as a lot of other music blogs, keeps going with publishing albums and EP’s reviews. It’s the moment, more than ever, to listen to our favorite artists and to support their work. Music is also the best way to forget all those sad news that medias are broadcasting on a loop all day long… and to have a better time at home.

Among these artists that make our days much more happier is undoubtedly Robynn Shayne. She released, last Friday, her 4th studio album, “Let’s get this show on the road“, and y’all should give it a listen, because it’s a real gem! The Texan artist, based in Austin, has previously released excellent records, particularly the beautiful EP “Rebel Child” (check out its beautiful music video at the end of this post) and, more recently, the EP “Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights“. This last one, absolutely amazing, includes excellent songs, like “Whiskey and bad decisions” or “Nothin’ Crazy about You, But Me“.


Robynn Shayne is now back with a fantastic LP, “Let’s Get This Show on the Road“, released last Friday. If you love real country music, you’ll be in love with this album. Its songs, all written or cowritten by Robynn Shayne (except Blondie’s cover), are all awesome tunes, that you can add to your playlist without the slightest hesitation.

Growing old with you“, cowritten with the Texan artist Jade Marie Patek, is the outstanding song of the album. This tune is pure and amazing country music, with a great songwriting. The beautiful voice of Robynn Shayne, enhanced with great pedal steel, will haunt you all day long.

Hindsight’s 20/20” and “There’s a light” are great honky tonk songs, cowritten with Kenn Furr. Listening to them make you think about the moment you’ll be able to go out again and enjoy this kind of songs in your favorite bar.

Already Mine” and “Devil You Know“, also cowritten with Kenn Furr, are beautiful songs with perfect songwriting and excellent pedal steel.

The title track, “Let’s get this show on the road“, is a catchy song, that you can easily listen on repeat.

The album also includes  an amazing cover of Blondie’s 1978 hit “One way or another“.

Robynn Shayne began playing guitar after the passing of her brother Shane at the early age of 20. Listening to her awesome music, we can say that the beautiful way she writes songs and sings them is the better tribute she can make to her brother.

Nicolas Davelu

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