Go ahead, y’all! The sun will rise soon!

Our world is living weird and awful days. Quarantine has become the keyword of our time and we’re all abruptly affected by the exponential growth of COVID-19. In France, as it happens in other countries, we are now confined in our house, legally going outside only to work, buy food or for medical purposes.

These strange times are particularly difficult for the artists. Live performances, which is the most important way, for them, to earn their living, are reduced or canceled. This is the moment, for you who love music, to stream your favorite songs and albums, to buy the records of your favorite artists or their merch, because they need you more than ever.

Country Music France will publish some reviews, the next days, about excellent albums recently released. Stay in touch, listen to these albums, stream them, buy them and stream all the music of your favorite artists. It’s the best you can do to help them, these days. You can also listen to Country Music France’s Spotify Top 30 playlist. I will also update it soon, as I regularly do since I created it last November. It seems it was a year ago… I let you the link here:

Another way to support the artists is signing the IATSE petition in order to tell Congress to include displaced entertainment workers in relief package. This is the link to sign it:


You can also sign this other petition, on Change.org, in order to tell Spotify, AppleMusic, and other streaming companies, to support Touring Musicians NOW. This is the link:


Hopefully, this pandemia will have ended in some weeks. While, all those of us who love music must go ahead and listen to our favorite artists all day long.

Be safe… and happy St Patrick’s Day y’all!

Nicolas Davelu

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