Country Music France’s Top 30 Spotify Playlist: Update #3

Country Music France launched its Top 30 Spotify playlist on November 14th of 2019. It includes the blog’s current 30 favorite songs. Together with the albums, EP’s and song reviews, this playlist is an important way for this blog to share actual songs that belong to country music, red dirt, americana or southern rock genres. I updated it today for third time, with 13 new songs, recently released. As it’s a Spotify playlist, conceived to be shuffle played, there’s no particular order between the 30 songs. This playlist lives on Spotify, but if you don’t use this streaming service, you can check out the list below and find the songs you want to listen on your favorite streaming app.

William Michael Morgan – “Whiskey Kinda Night” 

This song is an absolute favorite of Country Music France, among all those released since the beginning of 2020. It’s really beautiful! Don’t forget to watch the amazing music video. I let you the link below.

Porter Union – “I’ve Got You Covered” 

I’ve got you covered” is a great Honky Tonk song of husband and wife duo Porter Union.  Cole and Kendra Porter’s new album, “Loved & Lost” is released this Friday.

You can also check out the music video of the song below.

Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen – “Rodeo Clown” 

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen released “Hold my Beer Vol 1” in 2015. Their awaited new album, “Hold My Beer Vol 2“, will be available on May 8th. But we can now listen to the first song of the album, “Rodeo Clown“, and it’s a real gem for traditional country music lovers.

Ashley McBryde – “First Thing I Reach For” 

Ashley McBryde will release her new album, “Never Will“, produced by Jay Joyce, on April 3d. “First Thing I Reach For” is one of the songs of this upcoming album and it’s really awesome. You can also check out the music video below.

Reckless Kelly – “I Only See You With My Eyes Closed

I’ve this new song of Reckless Kelly on repeat since it was released, on  January 30th. It’s a great and powerful red dirt song. This year will be exceptional for the band, with the release of two albums the same day, on May 22d, “American Girls” and “North American Jackpot“. So it’s just the beginning, with this song and the other single recently released, the also excellent “American Jackpot“. Be ready for Reckless Kelly’s year!

Tyller Gummersall – “What If It Was So Easy

It’s undoubtedly one of the best country songs I’ve listened to this 2020. Cowritten by Tyller Gummersall and Suzonne P. Ford, it’s a very emotional song, included in Tyller Gummersall’s excellent new album, thatt I recently reviewed on the blog. You can find the review just there:

Ragland – “Zooted

Ragland’s new album is absolutely amazing. I recently reviewed it. You can find the review there: .

I particularly appreciate the lyrics and the energy of “Zooted“, that could easily be a future single for the wife and husband duo from Oklahoma.

Julia Hatfield – “Crazy” 

Julia Hatfield is a young Texan artist who is undoubtedly promised to a bright future. Multi-instrumentalist and brilliant songwriter, she also has a beautiful voice. I recommend you to listen to her new EP, released in December, “Halfway Here“. “Crazy” is the first single from this beautiful Americana record. You can also listen to her great country album, released in 2017, “Hopeless Romantic“.

Jaime Wyatt – “Neon Cross

Jaime Wyatt will release her new LP album, “Neon Cross“, produced by Shooter Jennings, on May 29th. The title track, released on February 26th, is one of the most amazing songs I’ve listened to this 2020. Really impressive! I can’t wait for the album.

Parker Ford – “Second Chance

Second Chance” is a great country song released by South Carolina native Parker Ford, on February 14th. Beautifully written, with a lot of pedal steel, it’s the kind of song you’ll love immediately if you are a real and traditional country music lover.

Corb Lund – “Old Men

Corb Lund’s new album, “Agricultural Tragic“, will be available on April 24th. The Canadian artist released two excellent songs that will be included in the album, “90 seconds of Your Time“, last month, and “Old Men“, on March 4th. Dedicated to everybody’s grandpa, “Old Men” is really awesome! You can watch the trailer of the upcoming album below.

Mickey Lamantia – “Love Triangle

Mickey Lamantia is a great outlaw country artist. His last single, “Love Triangle“, released on February 11th, is a badass song. If you love the style of Mickey Lamantia and appreciated his last album, the excellent “How Far Would I Fall“, released in September of 2009, I’m sure you’ll love this song and will have it on repeat.

Gabe Lee – “Honky Tonk Hell

One year after “Farmland“, Nashville native singer and songwriter Gabe Lee will release his sophomore album, “Honky Tonk Hell“, on March 13th. The title track is an amazing song, cowritten with Marcus King, about Nashville’s lower Broadway and Gabe Lee’s perception of modern country music. If you love Southern Rock and great songwriting, it’s just for you!

Nicolas Davelu




Whiskey Kinda NightWilliam Michael Morgan – Single

Hey CowgirlRandall King – Single

Ive Got You CoveredPorter Union – Loved & Lost

Rodeo ClownRandy Rogers and Wade Bowen – Single

First Thing I Reach ForAshley McBryde – Single

Break my heart all over againRobert Ray – Single

I Only See You With My Eyes ClosedReckless Kelly – Single

What If It Was So EasyTyller Gummersall – Heartbreak College

ZootedRagland – More Like A Melody

Wishful Drinkin’Drew Fish Band – Single

Crazy – Julia Hatfield – Halfway Here (EP)

Neon CrossJaime Wyatt – Single

Second ChanceParker Ford – Single

Old MenCorb Lund – Single

I Don’t Have To Die to Go to HeavenShane Owens – Thankful For Country Music

Love TriangleMickey Lamantia – Single

The Meaning of the WordAgs Connolly – Wrong again

Ride Until We’re GoneJeff Jacobs Band – Out of the Keg

Honky Tonk HellGabe Lee – Single

Broke HeartLogan Samford – Single

Whiskey in your WaterEvan Felker and Carrie Rodriguez – Single

Rodeo GirlMicky & The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’

WhiskeyCody Jinks – The Wanting

Old Fashioned ChristmasCharlie Marie – Single

Last Call YellHeathen City – Ashes

No HandleThe Panhandlers – Single

One night in TulsaKylie Frey – Single

Stains on The SheetsKolton Moore and the Clever Few – Everything has changed

Let’s move out to the countryEleven Hundred Springs – Here ‘Tis

Red Dirt TexasHayden Haddock – Red Dirt Texas

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