Debut Album review – Heathen City’s “Ashes”

Heathen City is a band from Austin, Texas. Wes Arrington, the lead singer and Evan Dean, singer and bass player, worked with Luke Garrigus, producer. It was the fall of 2015. They recorded a brilliant EP, named “No Seeeds“, at Luke Garrigus’s studio, Blackroom Studios. It was finally released on may 2d of 2016.

Then came a single, “Home“, released on July 14th of 2017. This excellent song, beautifully written and quite dark, – “It never seems to turn quite the way we choose. We play to win so long in the end… just to lose” – made it possible for the young band to create its own style.

This song is now part of a new album, Heathen City’s debut LP labum, released last month for courtesy of Reckoner Recordings, an independent label based in NE Texas. the name of this album is “Ashes“. Two other members have joined the band, Brandon Moffett (lead guitar) and Blake Evans (drums and vocals).

It includes another single, “All I Can Take“, previously released on September of 2019. It’s a fantastic and beautiful song, with great sonwriting. A real gem!

These four walls. These sick thoughts. I know them well. When you’re not here with me, I’m feeling just like hell“.

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Last Call Yell” is another amazing track. It’s an old-school country song, with great fiddle and pedal steel and excellent songwriting.

So you can talk all the shit you please. Just don’t be calling me when you’re drunk as hell at the Las Call Yell and no one’s takin’ you home“.

I also strongly recommend you to listen to “3 Straight Days“, an outstanding country song that narrates the story of a woman who comes to a murder.

Like You Used To” is a great traditional country song with excellent fiddle and songwriting.

By The Time I Turned 18“, with its great instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums, fiddle) and perfect songwriting is another awesome song, along with the beautiful “Serf Psalm” – “And we’ll never come down from the heights that we’ve found. I’m forever lost in your eyes… a serf to your crown” – and with the excellent “Too Far Gone“.

With Heathen City’s “Ashes“, you’ll find all that has made Texan music reputation: high quality of songwriting and instrumentation, with awesome songs belonging to country, red dirt or americana. No matter the genre. What’s important is the music… and it’s great!

Nicolas Davelu


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