EP review: Kathryn Legendre’s “Making it up”

Today was released the music video of “Going Crazy“, one of the best songs of Kathryn Legendre’s EP, “Making It Up“, released this year, on May 17th.

Some weeks ago, the Texan artist from Austin appeared in an excellent song of Mayeux and Broussard, “Hard Country Songs“, with also the participation of Garrett T. Capps and Jonathan Terrell.

So, it seems it can be the moment for a review of Kathryn Legendre’s brilliant EP, “Making It Up“.

Released six years after her debut album, “Old Soul“, and three years after her EP “Don’t give a Damn“, it was produced by Scott Davis and Brian Mayeux participated playing guitar.

Listen randomly to any song of Kathryn Legendre and you can be sure to have traditional and excellent country music. All her songs are old-style country and those of her recent EP are not an exception.

Sit here and cry” is undoubtedly one of the best country songs I’ve listened to this year. It’s a beautiful ballad, perfectly written, in which Kathryn Legendre’s voice haunts our mind, enhanced by excellent pedal steel and fiddle.

I’m gonna sit here and cry like I said I wouldn’t do
‘Cause I’m desperate and lonely and I’ve got nothing left to prove
I’m gonna wallow in my misery like and ignorant fool
I’m gonna sit here and cry ‘til I’m all out of blues

Letters from Prison” is a funny and catchy song with a powerful songwriting. Because “Her correspondent boyfriend’s got a brand new ball and chain“, a girl is waiting for the postman then “She sets aside the magazines, and throws away the bills, the only thing that she wants comes from the wrong side of the hill“. I particularly appreciate this song and it has been on repeat for me since the album was released.


There you go” is a beautiful song about the loneliness and the way you miss someone, when “every night reminds me that I’m on my own“. Pedal steel, fiddle and bass enhance particularly Kathryn Legendre’s voice in this awesome song whose songwriting is just perfect.

I try to keep myself at bay, but I miss you every day
You took off when I needed you the most
All I’ve got to get me through are these memories of you
It’s easier believing in a ghost
There you go again and here I am alone

Going Crazy” has been one of my favorite songs from the EP and I’m really glad that Kathryn Legendre chose it for her music video. It’s a pure honky tonk song, funny and catchy. You can check out the video, directed by Sydney Gawlik, below.

Making it up“, the title track, is a quiet and poetic song about life and the way you must accept your fate, even if sometimes you don’t understand it.

With “Making It Up“, one of the best EP’s released this year, Kathryn Legendre powerfully contributes to keep the spirit of country music alive. Brilliant songwriting and excellent instrumentation is that always has characterized the genre and those songs are the evidence that the Austin singer is a standard-bearer of traditional country music.

Nicolas Davelu



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