Album review: Mack McKenzie’s “Kill The Buffalo”

This year, I wrote reviews of country artists from Washington State (The Lowdown Drifters) or Rhode Island (Charlie Marie), far from the American South. Today, I want to tell you about another artist  from Dayton, Ohio. His name is Mack McKenzie and this year he released his second album, “Kill The Buffalo“.

If you like country music and americana, don’t make the mistake to pass by this brilliant album. It’s really good and perfectly written.

Hold on” is a beautiful ballad. Listening to it, I was thinking about Jason Boland. Maybe the music and the way Mack McKenzie performs this song made me remember the unforgettable “Hard Times are Relative“.

Luck and Lightning” is the perfect and catchy country song. Just the opposite of the dark and enigmatic song, “Black Roses“, that is something oppressive but also addictive at the same time.  You can check out its music video at the end of this review.


While listening to the album, I was also thinking several times about American Aquarium. With songs like “LA’s on Fire” and “Me and Him“, I think we have a style similar to the Raleigh band, with whom Mack McKenzie shared the stage.

Born to lose” is another excellent song, catchy and brilliantly written.

To The Moon” is an awesome rock-style song that you can listen on repeat.

You can also check out McKenzie’s good cover of Tom Petty’s “You got lucky“.

With “Kill The Buffalo“, Mack McKenzie released an amazing album. I highly recommend you to have a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

Nicolas Davelu

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