Album review : Jenny Tolman’s “There Goes the Neighborhood”

Welcome to Jennyville! Nashville native Jenny Tolman released last friday her debut album, the awaited “There Goes the Neighborhood“. It’s particularly brilliant and undoubtedly one of the most important releases of this summer.

High Class White Trash“, the main single from the album, which was included in Country Music France’s spring playlist, is an awesome and catchy song. Its music video, released last may, is amazing and funny. You can check it out below. It takes place in the nail salon of Jennyville, the fictional city invented by the Nashville artist and… well, for the rest, I let you watch it.

So pretty” is a very good song, maybe the best of this album. It’s excellently written and beautifully sung by Jenny Tolman. Songwriting is a very important part of the album and particularly of this amazing song.

Till My Tank is Empty” is my other favorite song. I had listened to “High Class White Trash” and “So Pretty” before the album release and I was very impatient to listen to the other songs… and “Till My Tank is Empty” is the one I liked instantaneously. It’s pure and excellent country music, with excellent pedal steel. Undoubtedly one of the songs that will be on repeat, for me, this summer.

Tulips” is a beautiful and brilliant song. It’s particularly outstanding for its high musical quality. All instruments used for this song, including piano, make it very catchy, with judicious tempo changes.

With “My Welcome Mat“, cowritten by Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard, we have beautiful fiddle that enhance Jenny Tolman’s voice and excellent songwriting. This song celebrates diversity and kindness. As the song says, “I got friends that love the pope, friends that love their dope… Guess we’re all just trying to find a higher place“.

There goes the neighborhood“, the title track, “Ain’t Mary Jane” and “Used to My Cooking“, are another brilliant songs. I also appreciated the short interludes present on this album, “Five Dollar Car Wash” and “Forecast for Gossip“, that contribute to the immersion in the culture and the atmosphere of “Jennyville“.

Jenny Tolman’s first album, produced by Dave Brainard, is really awesome. It has a very high artistic quality and I particularly appreciate its storytelling – so important for country music – and its omnipresent humor. Brilliant debut album!

Nicolas Davelu

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