Song review: Steven James and the Jaded’s “Lucky Stars”

Steven James and the Jaded released today their new single, “Lucky Stars“. This song will be part of the upcoming album of the South Texas band, “Starr Street“, that will be released soon. The name of the album refers to a street of Corpus Christi, the city where the band was created by Houston native Steven James. “When I first moved to town, I had a regular gig at this little Irish pub called Cassidy’s and on my way to the gigs, you had to turn down Starr Street… And that name really struck a chord with me. Here I was trying to make it music, hustling these shows down on Starr Street”, explains Steven James.

Since their debut single, “Weak in the knees“, released in early 2016, Steven James and The Jaded didn’t stop rising on the Texas music scene, even receiving the “New band of the year” award at the 2018 Texas Regional Radio and music Awards in Arlington, TX.

Their second album, “On The Run“, was full of excellent songs, several of them scoring Top 40 hits on Texas radio. “Texas girls“, “Someone like you“, “Wildflower Lane” (What an awesome music video!) and, of course, the very catchy “Dance with me tonight” are awesome songs, with excellent songwriting. Country Music France ranked #15 “Wildflower Lane” in 2017, a single that rose to #19 on the Texas radio charts.

Now comes this new song, “Lucky Stars“, first, is excellently written. As it must be for a Texan band, songwriting is particularly impressive. “She gives me love, gives me faith, gives me everything when I’m burned out, and I thank my Lucky Stars she’s around” sings Steven James, as a beautiful tribute for the woman who “picks me up when I’m falling down“. The Corpus Christi band likes to self-describe as “South Texas Rockers“, and with such a song, it’s a good description. With excelent guitar riffs, drums and bass, we have a song faithful to this unique mix of Southern and “coastal” rock and Texas country that characterizes the band since its foundation. “Lucky Stars” is powerful, catchy, and promises an excellent third album. We know that they recorded and produced it themselves in their Corpus Christi studio, working with their friend and Grammy-nominated Dylan Ely, who produced “On The Run”. With such an awesome single as “Lucky Stars“, we’re just impatient to listen to “Starr Street“!

Nicolas Davelu

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