Album review – James Steinle’s “The Echo Sound”

Five years after his beautiful debut album, “South Texas Homecoming“, James Steinle released, on April 7th, his new album, “The Echo Sound“.

Produced by David Beck, it was recorded in a house in Martindale, Texas, in November of 2022. It’s the first album of the South Texas singer and songwriter since the brilliant “Cold German Mornings“, that had been released on December of 2020.

All songs were written by James Steinle, with the exception of “Old Song“, written by Gabe Wooton. Sam Kossler plays pedal steel and Dees Stribling plays drums.

If you listen to this album, you’ll find great music and excellent songwriting all along the record.

The Keepers“, released ahead of the album, as a single, on March 17th, is a brilliant and catchy song, where you’ll certainly appreciate the use of the harmonica.

Island in the Bay“, maybe my favorite tune on this record, is a beautiful song, with excellent pedal steel and piano.

Pedal steel strongly contributes to the musical quality of the whole album, thanks to the brilliant Sam Kossler. You can particularly appreciate it on another beautiful song, “Addy By The Sea“.

You’ll certainly appreciate the excellent “Over The Moon“, where you’ll maybe notice the voice of Juliet McConkey, who joined James Steinle for this album, for background vocals. The title track, released as a single on March 31st, is also an excellent and catchy song.

As usual with James Steinle, who is a brilliant songwriter, you’ll enjoy the storytelling, in songs as “Fisherman’s Haul” or “Spearfishing for Grouper“.

The Echo Sound” is an album that will be appreciated by all those who love authenticity and quality songwriting and music. If you listen to this artist for the first time, I strongly recommend you to also listen to James Steinle’s precedent albums, particularly his brilliant debut “South Texas Homecoming“.

Nicolas Davelu

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