Album review – 49 Winchester’s “Fortune Favors The Bold”

Eight years have passed since the first record of Virginia-based band 49 Winchester, self-titled, released in 2014, and we can now enjoy their fourth studio album, “Fortune Favors The Bold“.

Released on May 13th, via New West records, this album is absolutely brilliant and its ten songs are undoubtedly among the best that you will listen to this year. All these tunes belong to authentic Appalachian music and are made and performed by a brilliant band formed on Winchester Street, in Castlewood, a little mountain town of Virginia, near Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Its iconic song, “Russell County Line“, released as a single on March 11th, is one the most beautiful country songs of this 2022. I’m just blown away with such fantastic lyrics and quality music. This song is an authentic gem and it will undoubtedly be part of the best songs of the year.

And if you wonder where my heart is when I’m out on the road

It’s right at home, I left it honey just for you to hold

And if you wonder ho I’m doin’ know that I am doin’ fine

But I wish I was in Virginia on the Russell county line

Russell County Line
Photo : Joshua Black Wilkins

Russell County Line” is a very impressive song, but this fantastic album has much more to offer than this single. Indeed, its quality is steady from the beginning to the end. With “Fortune Favors the Bold“, you enjoy brilliant music and can appreciate the quality of the songwriting with each one of its songs.

When listening to the beautiful “Second Chance” and the gem “Neon“, you have an idea of the impressive quality of the songwriting present on this record.

You find the same quality with the other songs of the record released as a single: “All I Need” is a brilliant and catchy song about the life on the road. “Damn Darlin“, released in April, is another fantastic song, with some beautiful piano and pedal steel, that enhances Isaac Gibson’s soulful voice, and great storytelling. The first single released, in February, “Annabel“, is also particularly brilliant.

Man’s Best Friend” is another outstanding song, very catchy and with brilliant pedal steel.

The band is particularly known for the quality of their performance during its gigs. I’ve never seen them in concert, but judging from the quality of their new album, I’ve little doubt about how amazing they must be live. “Fortune Favors The Bold” is a brilliant album made by a fantastic band that plays authentic and traditional country music. A very important record of this 2022.

Nicolas Davelu

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