Country Music France’s Top 30 playlist – Update #9

I created Country Music France Top 30 Spotify playlist on November 14th of 2019. It includes the blog’s current 30 favorite songs and, together with the reviews, it’s an important way for this blog to share actual songs that belong to country music, red dirt, americana or southern rock genres.

It’s not true that there’s no real country music today. It exists, it’s authentic and it’s more alive and more amazing than ever. Maybe it’s not played on mainstream “country” radios, but if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it. That’s why this playlist (and this blog) exists. Its purpose is to share quality and real country music. If it lets you know at least two or three new artists or songs, and if you start listening on repeat or want to know more and look for another song of this independent artist, then I’ll consider that I’ll have done my little bit.

So, y’all, here’s the 9th udpate, and it’s a great one because all those songs are new and released in 2022. As it’s a Spotify playlist, conceived to be potentially shuffle played, there’s no particular order between the 30 songs. It’s on Spotify, but if you don’t use this streaming service, you can check out the list below and find the songs you want to listen to wherever you want. If you like them, I strongly invite you to listen to the albums and other songs of those great artists.

Nicolas Davelu

Rich O’ Toole – Low Hanging Fruit

Kaitlin Butts – Blood

Drew Cooper – Madeline

Corb Lund – Montana Waltz

David Jameson – Gone Like The Wind

The Wilder Blue – Wave Dancer

Jenny Tolman – World’s A Little Town

Matt Castillo – Leaving Since You Got Here

Seth Jones – Don’t Blame The Highway

Jesse Daniel & Jodi Lyford – You Asked Me Too

Cody Canada and The Departed – If You Want It That Much

49 Winchester – Annabel

Estin & the 86’d – Gloomy Days

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Dooley’s Farm (feat Billy Strings)

Norman Borland – She Don’t Look That Lonely To Me

Jessica Willis Fisher – Gone

Zach Bryan – From Austin

Jade Marie Patek – T is For Tx

Jason Benoit – Devil in a Bottle

Jon Pardi – Last Night Lonely

Joshua Hedley – Broke Again

Abby Hamilton – Just Like Me (A Lexington recording project) feat Maggie Lander

Wynn Williams – Like The Wind

Charley Crockett – I Feel For You

Whiskey Myers – John Wayne

Midland – The Last Resort

Lucas Jagneaux – Honky Tonk Heart

Mike Kuster – Better Late Than Never

Josh Ward – Dancin’ With The Devil

Hayden Haddock – Better Than Your Memory

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