Country Music France’s 2021 Top 5 EP’s

Between the songs or singles and the albums, there’s an important category of records, the EP’s. Since I created this blog, I also review them and when the year comes to an end, I also consider that it’s important to choose the best that were released all along the year, as I do with the songs and albums. Let’s go for Country Music France’s Top 5 EP’s of 2021!

#5 Seth Jones As it Changes

One year after his excellent album “Whiskey Attitude”, the Texan artist Seth Jones released this year a great EP, named “As It Changes“. It’s a brilliant record, perfect for who loves real country music and quality songwriting. Check it out, y’all, if you’ve not done it yet.

#4 MidlandThe Last Resort

Midland’s new EP, “The Last Resort“, is a great record. The beautiful “Then Some” is part of Country Music France’s 2021 Top 30 songs. “Adios Cowboy“, “Two To Two Step” and “Sunrise Tells The Story” are another fantastic tracks. After two brilliant studio albums, this EP let us enjoy the style and music of the talented band. Great work!

#3 Darby SparkmanThe Cabin at Ghost Gum Creek

Three years after her debut EP, “Slow Songs and Cigarettes“, Darby Sparkman released a new EP, on June 18th, that let us appreciate her talent and her voice, with 4 brilliant songs, all of them cowritten by Adam Odor. A brilliant work!

#2 Braden Jamison – Hardwood Heartache

If you like real country and pedal steel, you’ll love this wonderful EP released by a young artist of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a real gem, that includes the absolutely beautiful “Playin’ George“, released as a single, and 3 other brilliant songs. You absolutely need to check it out if you’ve not done it. Authentic, beautiful and amazing country music!

#1 Wade BowenWhen Phones Don’t Work

All the music released by Wade Bowen is great, and his new EP, released a month ago, is not an exception. The single “When Love Come Around” is part of Country Music France’s 2021 Top 30 songs. The EP also includes other fantastic songs as “Trouble Is“, cowritten with Steve Earle, “The Last Town in Texas” and obviously the title track, a gem.

Nicolas Davelu

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