Country Music France’s Top 30 playlist – Update #7

Country Music France Top 30 Spotify playlist includes the blog’s current 30 favorite songs. Together with the albums, EP’s and song reviews, this playlist is an important way for this blog to share actual songs that belong to country music, red dirt, americana or southern rock genres. I just updated it for the 7th time, with 12 new songs, recently released. As it’s a Spotify playlist, conceived to be potentially shuffle played, there’s no particular order between the 30 songs. This playlist lives on Spotify, but if you don’t use this streaming service, you can check out the list below and find the songs you want to listen to wherever you want. If you like them, I also invite you to listen to the albums and other songs of those great artists.

Texas rain – Graycie York

The Texan artist Graycie York released on January 1st her new single, the fantastic “Texas Rain“, two months after her brilliant debut EP, “Words to Say“. The Rockwall native Graycie York has an impressive talent and, with such a great voice, I have no doubt she has a promising future.

17 – Jamie Lin Wilson

On January 8th was released a fantastic live album : “The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed“. All red dirt lovers must listen to this impressive record, that contains a lot of fantastic songs. Needless to say, I have it on repeat since its release. Among those tunes, you’ll find this gem: a beautiful cover of Cody Canada’s “17“, from his 2013 album “Some old, some new, maybe a cover or two“, by Jamie Lin Wilson.

Playin’ GeorgeBraden Jamison

Braden Jamison is a young artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who released his first EP, the great “A Heart’s Gotta Break“, when he was 17. His new single, inspired by an encounter at a dance hall in Oklahoma, “Playin’ George“, relased on November 27th, 2020, is absolutely awesome. With its impressive lyrics, storytelling and classic country style, it’s a song that you’ll listen on repeat if you love traditional country music.

Dancing with the devil – Jade Marie Patek

Jade Marie Patek released on November 20th 2020, a fantastic single, “Dancing with the devil“, cowritten with Dustin Schaefer. It’s brilliant, soulful and rock. I absoultely love it. Don’t forget to also listen to her impressive cover of Cody Canada, with the amazing “Dead Man“, included in the live album that I mentioned, above “The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Radweed“. Another gem… what a voice!

To be loved by you – Parker McCollum

The new single of Parker McCollum, “To be Loved by You“, released on January 1st, is a gem. I have it on repeat since its release. After a fantastic EP, “Hollywood Gold“, the Texan singer released another fantastic tune… and it’s not the only one, starting 2021, because you can also listen to his cover of Cody Canada with “Constantly“, included in the live album… well you know what… “The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Radweed“.

Whiskey attitude – Seth Jones

If you haven’t listened yet to Seth Jones’ new album, “Whiskey Attitude“, released on November 13th, 2020, you should do it, right now, because it’s a great record. The title track is an awesome and catchy song. This artist, from East Texas, is a very talented singer and songwriter.

42 miles – Casey Donahew

This cover of Cody Canada by Casey Donahew is included in the live album. “The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Radweed“. It’s brilliant, very catchy and really impressive, as the whole album. Well, at that point, y’all have understood that I’m an absolute fan of this tribute to Cody Canada!

Bad liver and Broken heart – Zachary Lucky

Zachary Lucky is a Canadian artist who loves traditional country. His new single, “Bad Liver and Broken Heart“, released on October 16th 2020, is an amazing tune with great fiddle. If you love this song, listen to his great LP album, “Midwestern“, released in 2019.

Guilty Pleasures – KC Hughes

KC Hughes is a talented artist from South Dakota who released, on December 27th 2020, his new album, “Memories“. If you love traditional country music, it’s the perfect LP for you! “Guilty Pleasures“, the second song of the album, is an amazing tune, with great pedal steel and fiddle.

My heroes have always been cowboys – Jarrod Birmingham

Jarrod Birmingham, a South Texas native, released a fantastic album, “The Short Go“, on November 27th, 2020. The whole LP, that was #16 in Country Music France’s 2020 Top 25 albums, is pure and traditional country music, and this cover is particularly beautiful.

Scarecrow – Matt Moran

Matt Moran is an artist from Southwest Oklahoma. He released a new album, “Black Sheep“, on November 25th, 2020. It’s a quality album, recorded in his home with a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. The first song of the record, “Scarecrow“, is particularly representative of the whole album. Brilliant!

Ups and Downs – Josh Meloy

Josh Meloy is an Oklahoma native artist who released, last year, a great album, “Oklahoma“. His new single, “Ups and Downs“, is absolutely brilliant. With such a great voice and such quality music and songwriting, make sure to listen to it. You’ll have it on repeat soon.

Nicolas Davelu

Texas RainGraycie York – Single

17 – Jamie Lin Wilson – The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Radweed

Playin’ GeorgeBraden Jamison – Single

Dancing with the devilJade Marie Patek – Single

To be loved by youParker McCollum – Single

Whiskey AtitudeSeth Jones – Whiskey Attitude

42 MilesCasey Donahew – The Years: A MusicFest tribute to Cody Canada and the music of Cross Canadian Radweed

Bad liver and broken heartZachary Lucky – Single

Guilty PleasuresKC Hughes – Memories

My heroes have always been cowboysJarrod Birmingham – The Short Go

ScarecrowMatt Moran – Blacksheep

The Ballad of the Reef ShadowThe Lowdown Drifters – Single

GetawayWade Bowen – The Waiting (EP)

Still a little country leftCurtis Grimes – Single

Ups and Downs Josh Meloy – Single

FragileDocFell & Co – Revelations

It’s not so easy todayZephaniah OHora – Listening to the music

Spent my dime on white wineVictoria Bailey – Jesus, Red Wine and Patsy Cline

It gets cold at night in CaliforniaThe Reeves Brothers – The Last Honky-Tonk

American SteelRich O’ Toole – New York

From a table away Sunny Sweeney – Single

Willie Nelson T ShirtAustin English – Single

No Time for a Broken HeartJustin Wells – The United State

Stray Dogs – Tennessee Jet – The Country

Last one hanging round Chase Crawford – The Neon Lights go on Forever

Drunk on loveSteven James – Single

I Do Thing Kylie Frey – Single

Half a bottleEstin & the 86’D – Long live the river

The Highway KindJosh Abbott Band – The Highway Kind

Cowboy’s cowgirl Chad Cooke Band – Single

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