Album review – Tyller Gummersall’s “Heartbreak College”

Tyller Gummersall released his new album, “Heartbreak College“, on Valentine’s Day.

If you love real and traditional country music, you should listen to it right now: its 12 songs are really amazing for those who love the genre.

It’s the 4th studio LP album released by the Colorado artist (the 6th record if you add his two EP’s). His last LP, “Long Ride Home“, produced by Lloyd Maines, had been released 4 years ago, in 2016.

Heartbreak College” includes several songs previously released between 2016 and 2020 and 5 new songs.

Among these new ones, “What If It Was That Easy” stands out particularly. It’s undoubtedly one of the best country songs I’ve listened to this 2020. Cowritten by Tyller Gummersall and Suzonne P. Ford, it’s a very emotional song that I had on repeat all along this weekend.

Working Man” and “Fathers And Sons” are two another beautiful songs. The high quality of the songwriting and the emotional way Tyller Gummersall sings them make them particularly outstanding too.

You pay for It“, an amazing Honky Tonk song with great piano, and “What It Is I Want” were cowritten with Jim Lauderdale and previously released in January of 2020.

Among the songs previously released, I particularly recommend you to listenĀ “Love Me When I’m Down“, an awesome country ballad with excellent pedal steel and great songwriting, and the beautiful “How Did I get Here“, cowritten with Jim Lauderdale and Suzonne P. Ford.

Why Do I Buy Whiskey” and “I’m not Dead” are two great Honky Tonk songs, that you can easily have on repeat if you’re a lover of the genre, as I am.

Good Ground” and “Heartbreak College” are great traditional country songs, catchy and beautifully written.

Tyller Gummersall’s “Heartbreak College” is a strongly recommended album for traditional country music and honky tonk lovers. I’m sure y’all will have its songs on repeat. Don’t miss it!

Nicolas Davelu

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