Annies are back

Five years after their last work, “Annie Up”, Pistol Annies are back. They just released three new songs, that will appear on their upcoming album, “Interstate Gospel”.

Which of these songs will be chosen as a single? No answer for the moment.

“Best years of my life” is a beautiful ballad. It has a perfect songwriting and a great sound. Instrumental part, between the third verse and the chorus, is very tuneful. Each of three Annies is very talented, but listen to them together is something very special and emotion runs through each verse, alternately song by Miranda Lambert (Lonestar Annie), Angaleena Presley (Holler Annie) and Ashley Monroe (Hippie Annie). This song is probably the best of the three released, but will it be chosen as a single for all that? It would be a good surprise.

“Got my name changed back” is another very good song, energetic and catchy, with important use of electric guitar and dobro. Focused on the theme of the divorce, celebrated as a victory – “I broke his heart and I took his money” – it’s exclusively sung by Lonestar Annie.

If freedom is one the main themes present all along “Got my name changed back”, it’s even more present in the third song, “Interstate gospel”. It’s obvious when you pay attention to the sonwriting – “These church signs, they light up these roads that I roam, they’re leading me closer, they’re calling me home, the further I get, the further I go, this interstate gospel is saving my soul” – but also through the music. This song is very catchy and could also be easily chosen as a single.

If the others songs of the album have the quality of these three ones, sure it will be one of the main country albums of 2018. Answer on November 2d, when it will be released.

Nicolas Davelu

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